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       When Emma was going through PTSD and complex trauma, she discovered that most of the 'relaxing' apps she downloaded (and trust us, there were a lot) were for people who already felt calm. When we were designing this app, we had the intention to help people in the heat of the moment, whether it be a panic attack, depressive episode, flashback, or yes, a calm day. We wanted to make sure it was an app that didn't just distract from the immediate unrest, but also build healthy steps towards ongoing recovery. For this reason, we have applied a non-hypnotic method to the rooms, allowing YOU to be in control of your situation and giving YOU the power of your own mind.

       When you enter DreamPlace App, there is a chance to write down your immediate worry and watch it disappear. You are then taken to a menu with mood options, immediate strategies, and emergency contacts. Selecting a mood will take you to unique room options. There are 24 rooms, with the option of 24 different stories (or simply ambience) and both male and female voice options. Or, if you rather, the immediate strategies are a guideline of tried and true methods to help calm, sort, and recentre your mind and priorities.

       We look forward to having you experience the rooms and retake control of your life.

Lots of love,

    The Dream Team

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